Pressemitteilung: Protest against demolishion of the old People’s House


This is a protest against the politicians attempt to demolish the old People’s House on Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The house was built in 1897 by the labour movement. In 1910, The Second International held an International Women’s conference at the house, declaring 8 March as International Women’s Day. Because of its important historical meaning, as a symbol of women rights, we have to fight for a preservation of this important memorial.

To all groups concerning the preservation of

Folkets Hus, Jagtvej 69, Copenhagen, Denmark:

The City Council of Copenhagen had their final meeting about the old People’s House in Copenhagen. On Thursday the 8th of February, they voted positive for a demolishion of the house.

We think it is a shame and a total disgrace.

Please send a protest mail to all of the members of the following administration, and a letter to the Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard and her fellows:

Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard


Rådhuset, 1599 København. V, Denmark

Mayor, Klaus Bondam,

Mayor Mikkel Warming

Mayor Martin Geertsen

Mayor Jakob Hougaard

Mayor Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

Mayor Mogens Lønborg

Tell them about your organisation and why you want to preserve the old Folkets Hus.
Please send this message to all groups you know about.

Help us preserve the old People’s House on Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This week a new protest blog was put out on the internet, about the critical situation of the old People’s House, nowadays being the Alternative Youth House of Copenhagen.

The adress og the blog is:

The blog is in english and is ment to be spread around to all women groups in Europe and the US.

The intention of this initiative is to motivate as many as possible to send a protestletter/mail to the City Council of Copenhagen, within few days, because the politicians have allready voted for a demolishion of this house on their meeting on Thursday the 8th February.

The house was sold to a rightwing christian sect, named Faderhuset, and this sect has asked the city council for permission to demolish the house.
Their wish will be fulfilled, and we loose an important historical monument, a house which carries the labour movement and the womens movement’s history. Besides it is a political case, a very awful one.

The quarter of Nørrebro in Copenhagen will loose a memorial, which has had a huge influence on the quarter’s history and culture, also because of the last 24 years as an alternative youth house.

The house was finished in 1897 and functioned as a place for the growing labour movement. It is built by the working class.

The german socialist and later social democrat, Clara Zetkin founded the Womens International Day, the 8th of March, during the Second International Conference, which was taking place exactly in this house in 1910.

Great personalities as Vladimir Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg have held speeches in the big hall of the house.

As feminists and socialists, we cannot tolerate the politician’s arrogant attitude toward the fact that the house has a great historical value.
We wish to create a massive international pressure, so that the house will be preserved.

Beside the historical value, the house contains a unique concert hall, with a big scene, a fantastic high ceiling of plaster with stucco, and a huge balcony in the hall. Its acoustic is excellent.
The architecture of the house is typically for the way of building community houses in those ages; practical and functional with two broad stairways on each side of the hall. There are not many examples left of such buildings in Copenhagen today.

As promoters of this initiative, the Zetkin1910 group request that this message is spread to everyone that might be interested. We hope that this can bring a lot of protests to the politicians of the Copenhagen City Council during the next days.
We and the people of Nørrebro love this very special house so much.

Best regards
The Zetkin1910 Group of Copenhagen

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